Telecom Managed Services

Provisioning Engineering

Today’s technology changes fast — and you need a provisioning engineering team that can prepare and equip your network to provide the most up-to-the-minute technological services to your customers, as quickly and efficiently as possible, with exceptional attention to detail.

At Axcent Networks, our teams of Provisioning Engineers are highly experienced in wireless and wireline circuit provisioning. Our expertise and continued success in the telecommunications industry spans from the initial TDM deployment and design to second, third and fourth generation network circuit path implementation. We place great emphasis on understanding our customer’s database of record to accurately input circuit detail attained during the provisioning process. Additionally, our teams of professionals provide multifaceted data analysis and reporting to assist our engineers with project milestones and customer deliverables. Continuous oversight by our experienced management team allows us to identify opportunities to improve performance quality, and often contribute to customer process improvement.