Telecom Managed Services

Disconnect Services

Whether you’re engaged in a migration to a next generation technology or streamlining operations to remove unnecessary costs, decommissioning unused and underutilized backhaul can bring significant savings and benefits. The recurring monthly costs associated with maintaining outdated network technology and components can be very high. What’s more, the valuable ground space occupied within a central office by unused equipment could be better used to support the successful operation of newer technologies.

At Axcent Networks, our Disconnect Specialists have extensive experience in planning and executing decommissioning projects, bringing our clients substantial savings without disrupting service to subscribers. Our Disconnect Team will begin by performing a detailed network analysis of your billing records, inventory system of record, and other relevant systems in order to identify underutilized or unused circuits. After verifying results, we will groom the valid circuits to a more suitable carrier, and disconnect the invalid circuits identified. Throughout the disconnect process, we will communicate with LEC and switch personnel to determine disconnect dates, resolve discrepancies, and update records to ensure the circuit is no longer listed in the Inventory System of Record, or the billing database.

Our Disconnect Team members will keep you informed of your project’s progress from start to finish, sharing the results generated through timely reporting to key stakeholders. When you rely on Axcent Networks for your disconnect projects, you can expect significant savings, speedy and accurate service delivery and detail-oriented project management. Below is an overview of our Disconnect Process:

  • Perform a network analysis to identify underutilized/unused facilities.
  • Conduct checks to determine whether circuits are necessary for future growth and whether Early Termination Liability (ETL) exists.
  • Validate traffic for identified circuits.
  • Coordinate disconnect schedule with LEC and switch personnel.
  • Remove circuit from Inventory System of Record upon successful completion of disconnect.
  • Ensure circuit is removed from billing source.
  • Provide reporting metrics to client.