Telecom Managed Services

Data Integrity and Billing Reconciliation

Given the size and complexity of nationwide wireline and wireless networks, it is surprisingly common for carriers to be billed for facilities they are no longer utilizing. As products and services change, it’s important to validate your data integrity and reconcile billing regularly. Our Data Integrity and Billing Reconciliation services pay for themselves many times over. We have assisted our customers in saving millions of dollars in Monthly Recurring Costs by identifying and addressing billing discrepancies.

Trending Data and Process Prevention

Our software engineers have developed custom in-house tools that allow us to accurately compare your engineering database against billing databases. We quickly pinpoint and correct billing discrepancies that save your company money. We provide detailed Trending Data reports that outline deliverables and help us achieve milestones. We assist your organization with Process Prevention, digging deeper into operational processes to discover root causes and modify processes to prevent further discrepancies.

Research and Validation

In addition to cost savings through Data Integrity and Billing Reconciliation, we also provide a value-added service by researching and validating discrepancies within many platforms. These platforms include Local Exchange Carrier (LEC) databases, Interexchange Carrier (IXC) facility records, Mobile Switching Center (MSC) equipment and tie down information. Our Research and Validation Subject Matter Experts quickly gather port allocation information and remove idle, vacant or obsolete assignments to free up facilities for future growth and planning.